Evidence and History

Evidence and history

Pic: Rob Dann
1939 Suffolk Show on The Layers
1928 Suffolk Show on The Layers


As a community, we need to demonstrate how important The Layers are currently.

We also need to show what an important role they have played in the history of our area.

For example, the Suffolk Show took place on The Layers on at least 14 occasions, including 1876, 1895, 1910, 1925, 1939.

There's a huge variety of evidence types, for example:


A few words about how you use The Layers now.

PLEASE talk to community elders about their experiences of The Layers and write these down.


The Layers are rich with wildlife and flowers. If you've spotted a wild animal or its habitat, please record it. Also, ask older people which animals/flowers they were used to seeing there.

The Leave The Layers Alone group is in the process of contacting:

- Suffolk Wildlife Trust

- Suffolk Flora Trust

- The most recent hedgerow survey of the area

If you have contacts in these groups, or similar organisations, please let us know.


The Layers have been used by people for a variety of purposes for hundreds of years.

Many artefacts have been found in the area. If you know of such evidence, or have an object of your own, please take a photo of it and share it with the campaign (if poss, provide date of finding and location).


part of 1925 local map

Part of 1979 map. This was used for the public consultation around where to site the A12 bypass.

The Leave The Layers Alone Facebook group is active and can be more immedately responsive than the website.

If you use Facebook, please join.

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